Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how the CMP works. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact Sirdata CMP support.
Here are the articles in this section:
Cookie settings
The banner seems to be well integrated, but at the bottom of the page of my site, I don't have the "Cookie settings" but...
Button operation
Can you clarify how the buttons work in the CMP when the user is making his choices?
Button color
Is it possible to set a different color for the redisplay button displayed at the bottom of my site?
A/B test
As part of an A / B test, I want to test several versions of the banner on my site. How can I do this?
Mobile, tablets ...
Is it possible to create or test different configurations for mobile, tablet and / or desktop?
Is it possible to use the same script on several websites?
Mobile display
In the mobile version, the consent banner takes up almost the entire page. For SEO, this could have an impact as Google ...
Private browsing
Why is consent valid on several sites when I'm browing through "standard browsing" but only on my site when I'm on priva...
AMP consent
I gave my consent on the web CMP but when I go to my AMP version site, the CMP is displayed again. Is this normal?
AMP consent button
Is there a specific link to redisplay the CMP on AMP?
Tags conditionning
My partner does not condition his tag himself and asks me to load it only if the user gives his consent. What should I d...
Google Ads
What are the conditions for the display of targeted and non-targeted advertising by Google?
Error 6.1 Google
My AdSense console is reporting a 6.1 error. What does it correspond to?
Google PageSpeed
Google PageSpeed ​​indicates that the stub script is blocking the rendering of the page and that this has an impact on S...
Refusal & Targeted ads
Why am I still seeing targeted ads when I clicked "Deny all" ?
Mozilla and adblocks
I no longer have ads that appear when using Mozilla Firefox
Wordpress, Joomla, etc ...
I want to install Sirdata CMP on my site but it is managed with Joomla. Is it possible ?
Google extensions
What do the Google extensions available in the CMP configuration correspond to?