Tag Management setup service

Support for setting up the Sirdata CMP is part of our freemium service.
As a result, all questions related to the correct configuration of the CMP, the protection of personal data relating to online activities, as well as the technical questions associated are handled by our teams.
It is mandatory to condition the display of tags on obtaining a choice from the end user. For this, we provide you with methods to condition your tags by using the universal method of Sirdata or by using the API of TCF V2.
Our tool for conditioning, and its specific documentation allow you to easily package your tags by yourself. Please, also note, that our conditioning method works whatever the scenario is : hard scripts, scripts in plugins, or even scripts in Tag Managers ...
If you do not wish to manage the conditioning of your tags by yourself, and you prefer Sirdata takes care of it, you can send a message here :
Content of your request: list of domains
For more efficiency, we advise you to directly indicate in your request the list of domains for which you want a Sirdata developer to carry out tag conditioning.
The operation is invoiced from 1 000 € HT per domain and thus condition all the tags present on the site.