Automatic conditioning of the main video players’ cookies (Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, ...) and display of a message in the player in case of lack of consent.

How does it work ?

The video players use trackers subject to the ePrivacy directive requiring the user's consent prior to be used.

Sirdata's Video Wall conditions these videos’ playback to the user's choice:

  • When they consent, the video is accessible as usual;

  • When they refuse the processing of their data, or they don’t make any choice, the following message is displayed :

This allows the users to easily unlock the video if they wish to view it.

Automatic compatibility with


This service is billed monthly by volume of hits ('pageview' equivalent) per domain according to the below :

Activation & integration request

If you are already a Sirdata customer, use your Sirdata account to contact us, otherwise use our contact form.


It only takes a few minutes to :

  • Adjust your CMP settings

  • Add a script on your site

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