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To date (April 15th, 2021), Google's Analytics solution is not part of the list of solutions benefiting from an exemption from consent granted by the CNIL, and it is therefore necessary to obtain consent for cookies for audience measurement.

In addition, Google pursuing its own advertising purposes with the data collected, it also requires consent for its cookies having an advertising purpose.

You must therefore:

  • Collect consent for audience measurement cookies

  • AND Collect consent for advertising cookies

There is an alternative, if you use the gtag.js or Google Tag Manager tags (and only in this case): it is possible via the Sirdata CMP to send signals to Google indicating whether cookies are authorized for one. and / or the other of these purposes.

To enable the option below, if you are using old Google tags, such as ga.js, analytics.js or conversion.js, you need to update to gtag.js or Google Tag Manager.

To let Google automatically manage the use of cookies without changing your tags, simply go to your account, section "CMP configuration => Edit display => Advanced parameters => Extensions => Google, and check the "Google Ads / Analytics / Tag Manager compatibility" box:

That's all there is to it. Below is the explanation of the 2 options that this triggers.

PLEASE NOTE: to date, Google's CONSENT MODE makes it possible to avoid the creation and usage of cookies, and to model conversion statistics for Google Ads, but not for the audience measurement part of Analytics: Visitors who do not give their consent for the measurement do not (yet) appear in "real-time" views or in audience reports.

Publishers developing their own cookie banner or using an uncertified CMP can use the beta version of Google's Cosent Mode for all of the above measurement and advertising purposes.

With the Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/Google Ads option activated, Sirdata's CMP automatically takes over the management of these signals for the Analytics part. In the event of non-consent, no Google Analytics cookie shouldn't be created.

It does not support the advertising part, which we find to be less granular and efficient than the TCF-based solution (see below) compatible with all Google advertising products and not just Google Ads.

Please visit this page to find out how to use the appropriate tags if you only want to use the Consent Mode features outside of the CMP, at your own risk.

2) The TCF solution, reserved for Premium Certified CMP, for the advertising part

Thanks to a long compliance process, we have the advantage of being a TCF V2 compliant CMP to enable support of the compatibility mode of Google products with the TCF.

This compatibility mode is much more granular and reliable in our eyes than Consent Mode, and allows better support in the galaxy of Google products, in particular with:

Regarding the automatic management of Google Ads advertising conversion measurement cookies, the CMP Sirdata supports this option when the Google Ads compatibility option is activated:

With the Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/Google Ads accounting option activated, Sirdata's CMP automatically takes over the management of these signals for the attribution/measurement part of Google Ads.

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