Set language per user

When configuring your CMP, you can select the language in which the UI will be surfaced to users. By default it is set to Browser language which enables an automatic detection so the UI is always surfaced in a language the user understand.

If you manage the language preferences of your users directly on your site, you can also set the language of the CMP for each of them. To do so, you must modify your tag by adding the language code (lang parameter) to the URL of the cmp script.[code]

You can find below the code to enter for each available language in the CMP:

  • French : fr

  • English : en

  • German : de

  • Italian : it

  • Spanish : es

  • Portuguese : pt

  • Dutch : nl

  • Bulgarian : bg

  • Czech : cs

  • Greek : el

  • Polish : pl

  • Norwegian : no

  • Romanian : ro

  • Swedish : sv

  • Danish : da

  • Hungarian : hu

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<script type="text/javascript" src="" charset="utf-8" async></script>

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