Providers' in the Google AC ModeIntegrating natively the Sirdata CMP as a vendor enables you to collect a maximum of valid consents and ease the integration that will be operated by your partners equipped with the Sirdata CMP.

How it works

When configuring Sirdata CMP, publishers can add their partners (vendors) to their vendorlist in order to collect a choice specifically for their purposes.

These vendors (companies) can be found in one of the 3 following lists :

  • Vendors in the IAB Europe TCF V2

  • "Provider" dans le Google AC Mode

  • Extra Vendors in the list managed by Sirdata

Being available in these lists enables the publisher to add your company to its CMP in one click.

This avoids the need to create customised purposes, for which it is necessary to :

  • On the publisher side: contact you to make sure of the purposes and legal bases you use

  • On your side: make sure that all your partner publishers are properly integrated

For everyone's peace of mind, we recommend to subscribe to this list in order to keep control of your processing by declaring your activities yourself and ensuring your integration in each site is exactly the same.

Therefore, this integration includes :

  • A standardised integration with any website using Sirdata CMP

  • The validity of the collected consent

  • The compliancy with the GDPR requirements

Example with the Google Analytics extra vendor :


  • 50€ HT per month (annual commitment)

Activation & integration request

Here is the form to fill in.

As soon as we receive this information, Sirdata will create your 'vendor' form and support you to setting it up on your partner sites.

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