Loading via Google Tag Manager

If you want to load the Sirdata CMP via Google Tag Manager (GTM), you must also enable Google Consent Mode via GTM to have more control over its behavior. To do this, go to your GTM account, navigate to the "Templates" section, and click on "Search Gallery" in the "Tag Templates" table.

Search for "Sirdata CMP | Google Consent Mode"

Add the "Sirdata CMP | Google Consent Mode" template to the workspace.

Go to the "Tags" section, then create a new one by selecting the new tag type "Sirdata CMP | Google Consent Mode" that now appears in the custom tags.

Select your criteria or keep the default suggestion in case of doubt:

Repeat the operation if necessary, for example if you are making configurations differentiated by country. Click here for more information on these criteria.

Then configure your advanced options and enter your partner and configuration identifiers:

If you do not load the Sirdata CMP from GTM, it is mandatory to load it from the site, and the CMP scripts must be loaded before Google Tag Manager.

Test via preview, and publish if everything works as expected.

Do not forget to disable Google Consent Mode in your CMP configuration.


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