Google extensions

What do the Google extensions available in the CMP configuration correspond to?

Sirdata CMP natively embeds compatibility options with most Google tags. By enabling them, you will allow the CMP to attempt to interact with Google scripts to add consent information or block them when necessary. These options will optimize your integrations and will interact with 95% of the tags: some older browsers for example are not compatible. So, if you have any errors in Google reports, they will go down drastically but not go away completely. It is necessary to refer to the "Third Party Scripts" section to condition the Google tags.

Warning: these options will only work well if the CMP is the first script integrated on your page, in the <header> . It should not be called via a tag manager.

Warning: the packaging option specific to Ad Manager uses the googletag.pubads().refresh(). If you are using it in your scripts, do not enable this option. It is not used in the basic GPT script so if you or your partners have not specifically enabled it, you can use this option.

WARNING: for Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager, please check if the first Google script that is called in the <head> section of the page is using the cookieless domain (or any subdomain from If the domain (or any subdomain of is used, it is strictly necessary to manage the script and only load it after the user has given consent.

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