Mandatory Prerequisite

To activate a version of the Sirdata CMP compatible with Google Consent Mode, here are the prerequisites to set up:

1) Activation of the "Google Advertising Products" partner

Ensure that the Google Advertising Products partner (ID: 755) is activated in your partner list :

2) Activation of the "Google Analytics" partner

Make sure that the Google Analytics partner (ID: 8) is properly activated in your partner list :

The Google Consent Mode option is enabled by default with the Sirdata CMP :

This option allows activating the Google Consent Mode via the Sirdata CMP when the Sirdata CMP is implemented hardcoded or through a CMS.

If you want to implement the Sirdata CMP via GTM, you need to disable this option and use the "Sirdata CMP | Google Consent Mode" template available in the Google Tag Manager Gallery :

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