Via the Sirdata CMP

The first and simplest way to activate Google's Advanced Consent Mode is to log in to your Sirdata CMP account and go to the configuration section.

Move the slider for the "Activation of Google Consent Mode" option to the right :

The integration of Consent Mode via this option is a universal integration in which the default signals are:

  • ad_storage='denied'

  • analytics_storage='denied'

  • functionality_storage='denied'

  • personalization_storage='denied'

  • security_storage='denied'

After the user's consent, an update signal 'granted' is sent for the concerned signals.

In case of withdrawal of consent, an update signal 'denied' is sent for the concerned signals.

In all cases, the tags will wait for a choice signal sent by the CMP for 1 second before triggering any potential cookie-based or cookieless pings (command 'wait_for_update: 1000').

Please visit the official Google Consent Mode page for more information

WARNING: Google Consent Mode does not cover given aspects related to the GDPR, such as the legal basis for processing personal data or potential data transfer to the United-States when they are based on the Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Union for example.

Please refer to the section dedicated to Sirdata Analytics Helper if your desire is to secure data transfers to Google Analytics in the United-States.

If you wish to manage this default behavior and/or the update behavior differently, refer to the "Activation via Google Tag Manager" section.

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